Friday, July 8, 2011

~The Alameda Flea~ Our Booth!

Dustin and I just returned from The Alameda Flea Market (Antiques by the Bay).  It was a beautiful day, warm, but so pretty!  I wanted to share with you some pictures I was able to snap in the heat of the morning.  It was so busy we were putting sold tags on things as fast as we could.  A favorite of our customers seems to be the succulents that we brought.  Two weeks ago  at the roll over Alameda, we brought 4 of these succulents (called Calandrinia Grandaflora) for display purposes.  The customers went wild over them and we ended  up selling them.  We promised to bring more to the July 3rd show.  We managed to squeeze 14 into the trailer and van, and by 7:30am they were all sold out!  
 Another favorite of our customers and friends at Alameda was Dustin's new lighting line.  Every light is made from re-purposed materials and was a huge attraction to the booth.  Dustin plans on making more for our future shows at Long Beach and Rose Bowl.  Great for the garden, kitchen, porch and home.  He is also working on some very cool desk and table lights!  Debuting soon!
 I would also like to give a big shout out to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire!!  What an incredible show you put on!  Your friendly staff, your organized way of putting 1000 plus dealers into their spots at are all amazing!  Thank you to Allen Michaan for hosting this show!  Also a special thank you to Howard who takes my phone call each month and finds just the right space for me and my trailer!  You all work so hard and it shows!!! 
If you have never been to Alameda...well you are in for a treat!  First of is WORTH the drive!  We personally drive 8 hours to be a vendor of this show.  Second...the vendors are amazing, putting together incredible finds!  Third...the FOOD!!!  OMG some great food, a taste of San Francisco!  Fourth...the VIEWS!  This is truly a special show,  you won't be disappointed!  Fifth...the isles to shop in are HUGE and they give/rent shopping carts and flat beds for your purchases!!! 
Dustin and I had some amazing views this past weekend.. take a look..
San Francisco skyline in the background!  Look far as you can see this show goes on forever!  It is like Disneyland for flea take more than a day to get to every booth! 
This was my view to the right of our booth...A HUGE container ship unloading containers all day!  Could we have asked for anything more??  Look at the size of these ISLES!  We just don't have that in So Cal.  
The blue tent in the foreground is the entrance!  Thank you again Howard!  Also a big thank you to all of our old and new customers!  We will see you in September!!!  Thanks for a great show!  xok


  1. Looks like a great time. but, I couldn't make out Dustin's lights. I guess I'll see them in the booth, right? I'm so glad you were successful. You always have the most beautiful stuff. see you soon,

  2. Ohmygoosh Kathee,
    What a beautiful skyline!! I cant wait to see what Dustin is making, you guys are ADORABLE.
    Thanks for sharing, I am so pumped for you . . .that you had a good show!

    Knock um dead babie!


  4. Will you be in Alameda again in October????
    me2u vintage


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