Thursday, August 30, 2012

~September Jeanne d' Arc Magazine Is HERE NOW~!!

Omg...September issue of Jeanne d' Arc living magazine has arrived ...I can't wait to share this issue with you!  The cover shows a picture of one of my most favorite items to decorate with, dress forms~  I'm so in love with the charm and beauty of dress forms I even have an entire Pinterest board for them.  (ok that will have to be another blog post someday!)
Here are a few sneak peaks of what you will see this month~

Available at American Home & Garden August 30th.  Also if you missed the July or August Issue, I still have a few copies left.

On another note~I'm redoing my booth space, along with the entire store as we are getting ready for the Fall season~come on in and see some gorgeous inspiration!

I will be posting pics of the Fall vignettes soon~
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~In the Blink of an EYE~!!

Omg~In the BLINK of an EYE~American Home & Garden changes~I had two of our favorite customers come in today and say "hey we need a new blog post" ...I explained that it has been crazy busy here and every time I go to post we have already SOLD the item!  So these are FRESH pictures..taken this afternoon!  So just to get you caught up~store Karen changed booth spaces again~ this time taking 2 spaces side by side~OMG ~she really knows how to put together an AMAZING space! 

Update that gorgeous ottoman~ SOLD!!
So much eye candy~  did I mention that this use to be Mary's space?  Well Mary moved across the isle where Karen used to be...
Mary's boutique has amazing soaps from France and beautiful vintage finds~  I love the open feel of her new space~
UPDATE~that cute pink bistro set just sold and so did the white dresser behind the tall yellow one on the right! 
Karen's old space (which really isn't that old) was taken over by Pame~more eye candy!
Karen's "other" new space (Pame's old space)  so now she has one HUGE space!!  I love her decorating style!
Lots of new merchandise has arrived at the store~let us know if you see anything you "gotta" have~give us a call and we will make sure it's yours!! 

Hope you are all enjoying this Summer~it's going by way too fast for me...can't believe I'm getting my fall booth plans in gear!  
OMG it changes in the BLINK of an EYE~!!

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Have a lovely week y'all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing Cristina Wilson~!! Friend and shopper of American Home & Garden

When you walk into Cristina Wilson's home things are always fresh, new, and exciting.  With an eye for decorating and a flair for comfort,  Cristina can turn any home into a relaxing oasis. With years of decorating experience and a vigor for life, she creates masterpieces.
How does she do it?
Raw talent, and a creative knack for mixing the old with the new. Pillows, benches, flowers and more, she puts it all together with ease making every room inviting. Even her laundry room.
One of her most recent projects involved a small cottage in Montecito, California. With not much living space, Cristina suggested that the owner of the home incorporate  the 600 square foot brick patio at the back of the home and utilize it for outdoor living. Taking advantage of the already beautiful setting, Cristina went to work hand picking and placing furniture. Again, mixing the beautiful old with the new, keeping well within her clients budget. Her skills transformed  the cottage into a charming space that is both gorgeous and welcoming. She and her family have since been invited back to the small cottage for dinners and parties. It's always good to have your designer and decorator at your functions.
Her level of talent is unique and doesn't go unnoticed by anyone. Her husband of 18 years, and her two teenage children are accustomed to the constant suttle,  and not so suttle changes in their home .  Family,  friends, and clients, all know that Cristina has made, and will continue to make any house a home.

We at American Home & Garden are so fortunate to have customers like Cristina, that turn into friends.  Cristina knows that when she brings a client to us we are going to have a great selection of home and garden pieces at affordable prices!  Thank you Cristina for allowing me to feature you and your most recent clients home in Montecito.  We appreciate you!  
If you are interested in the design services of Cristina please contact her directly.

Thank you for stopping by today~If you are a decorator, Stylist or one of our wonderful customers and would like to be featured, please don't hesitate to contact me...I would love to feature you!
Have a great week everyone~

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