Friday, June 29, 2012

My love for Iron and Tole~French and Italian~

Omg... my favorite garden pieces~ Iron and Tole~as you can see from my header on my blog~I truely can't get enough!  I'm always on the lookout for beautiful tables, benches, daybeds, sconces and chandeliers made of iron and tole.  Vintage French or Italian are my favorite!  My Kitchen and garden are filled with pieces I have collected over the years...  these pieces are getting harder and harder to find~especially at a good price!  Here are some photos of my collection~

I have been collecting iron and tole for over 25 years...these are the pieces that make my heart skip a beat~

My friend Chad from American Home & Garden just found these gorgeous tables~ If I didn't already have five of them... I would be snatching them right up~well let's just say I COULD  find a place for them in my garden or home~these won't last long!
 ~To die for~ Italian iron and tole glass top tables~(yes that's right there are two of them)  he actually had three, but one was snagged right away!  I love all the different flowers and leaves on these~they would look especially nice in the garden~

Chad also found this AMAZING etagere made of heavy iron~look at the top crown on this piece~omg~Chad you have an amazing eye!!  I love this piece~Update~this piece is SOLD!
Look how lovely this piece is stacked high with white ironstone~sigh~
If you would like to see more of Chad's amazing finds... follow and "like"  him on his Facebook page Retro, Fun and Funky~here he always updates his page and keeps you posted on his finds!

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If you see something you gotta have give the store a call at 805-648-6818.

American Home & Garden is located at
64 South Oak Street
Ventura, CA 93001

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~July Issue of Jeanne d' Arc is here~And the swapping of the Karen/Karyn's~!!

Wow it's been so busy already~ so much to tell you and show you~First let me tell you I received the new JDA Living Magazine and it will be at the Agoura Antique Mart today Tuesday and will be at  American Home & Garden Wednesday June 27th...Here are a few pictures to hold over you die hards~
Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine is the most sought after magazine in the United States.  This beautiful magazine is 100% advertisement FREE~!!  Limited quantities in each store.  

~Now for the swapping of the Karen/Karyn's~

This may get complicated so stay with me~ as you know from my previous post on Karen and Karyn we have two Karen/Karyn's at American Home & Garden....there is Store Karen and English Karyn..(we also have three Kathy's, but that is whole other post) anyway Store Karen and English Karyn decided to swap booth spaces yesterday!  So English Karyn moved up to the front of the store in Store Karen's old space and Store Karen moved back to English Karyn's old space....(are you still with me)?   This is so exciting for Store Karen because this is the space she was in 6 years ago!  English Karyn is elated because she has been wanting more space so she can bring in more of her amazing finds~so without any more jibber from me here are some pics from their new spaces! (click on the photos to enlarge) the first photos are from English Karyn's booth right as you walk in the store to the right~

~Now for Store Karen's new space~

Not to confuse you anymore~this last picture is of Store Karen's "other" space~!!

~Now for some pics from around the store~

Last Friday we re-did the entrance and this is how it looked~
until yesterday when that AMAZING metal glider SOLD!!

This great set of lockers SOLD!

WHEW~~!!  So that's all folks~  Hope you can see we've been so BUSY here at AM&G...Give us a ring if you see something you gotta have~ 805-648-6818...Better yet come visit us and see all the changes we've made this past week.  The weather in Ventura has been GORGEOUS~

American Home & Garden 
64 South Oak Street
Ventura, CA. 93001

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~AMAZING Antique French Day Bed FIND~

One of my FAV finds~Antique French Day Bed~ C*h*i*p*p*y Blue IRON~Scrolly~OMG~to die for!  I was lucky enough to find two~one for you and one for me!  Being a huge garden fan...I don't want to put mine in the house...I want mine out in the garden...
This sweet French bed ~becomes a  garden seat when you fold the side down~I had to show you how I would style it...of course with my Jeanne d' Arc Summer Magazine, some Hydrangea's from my garden and a vintage bark cloth pillow made from my friend Zoe~
Available at American Home & Garden in Ventura Ca.  
I'm having a beautiful white ruffled cushion custom made for this piece...3" thick foam rubber, zippered, washable, white ruffled~
Available today~cushion should be in the store by the weekend~
I can hardly wait to place my new bed in the garden~ (photos to follow) Update SOLD! 

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hanging around American Home & Garden~New arrivals and New Dealers!

Happy beautiful Saturday to you all~ hope you are enjoying your day~
I was hanging around American Home & Garden yesterday with the anticipation of the arrival of our new dealers Cara and Colleen!  I know it must sound funny to hang around an antique shop, but you have no idea how much fun I have at this store!  I call it my stress reliever.  All of the dealers are so fun and friendly and we have become a nice little family!  Here is a picture of our "break" room~
This is where all us dealers have lunch, tag our new merchandise, store our sold merchandise, ect.  This is such a pretty room that the customers are always wondering back here to see it, thinking it is another booth!  Karen always makes this room special to all of us!

So while I was waiting for the new dealers to get set up in their space I snapped some pictures of new items around the store~
One of my favorite booths at AM&G is Chads booth...he always finds the most amazing pieces!  Look at this tole table~(y'all know I'm a sucker for toleware)  the colors on this piece are so beautiful..browns, creams and blues..gorgeous..if you would like to see more of Chads finds~you can LIKE him on Facebook Here this is where you will see all of his new items coming into the shop!  Lots more pictures!! 
English Karyn has a great eye, she just added this great European flip top table and chicken coop..what great pieces to display with! 
Loving that perfectly chippy blue stool and the 3 tiered wire basket.
Karyn changed up her entire booth the other day and it looks great!
This sweet bunny and leaf basket from the 80's SOLD!
Here are a few items I brought in yesterday..this sweet cement basket dated 1980 with leaves and bunny decoration..vintage chicken feeder lights with old style light bulbs~and YES baby European bath tubs are back in stock..(just in time for Father's Day, graduation and summer parties and weddings!)

 Our two newest dealers Colleen and Cara~ and below a sneak peak of their great finds!!  So happy to have them at AM&G, what a great team!!

 Hope you enjoyed "hanging out" with me today!  Have a wonderful weekend~Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's out there!!! :)

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American Home & Garden is located at 
64 South Oak Street
Ventura Ca. 90031

(you know the rules...if you see something you gotta snag....give us a ring) 

Leaving you with a shot of my hydrangea's in my kitchen fresh picked this morning~

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just arrived at American Home & Garden in Ventura Fifi O'Neill's Romantic Prairie Style and The Romantic Prairie Cookbook~

Happy Monday everyone!  Pleased to share with you two of my FAV books of all time~Romantic Prairie Style and The Romantic Prairie Cookbook~both books written by my friend Fifi O'Neill.  Available now in a limited quantity at American Home & Garden in Ventura CA.  

Romantic Prairie Style embraces simple pleasures, comfort, and the long-cherished ideals of natural beauty, simplicity, and harmony with the earth. It's a style that says home wherever you may be because, more than anything else, it's a mindset: gentle but strong, welcoming and lasting, durable yet sophisticated, and, above all ,áreal. Over the centuries, the humble dwellings built by European immigrants to the United States in the 1880s have evolved into sturdier, more comfortable homes, which took on a variety of designs-ranch, cabin, farmhouse, cottage, or adobe. Each plays a role in prairie style and its enduring aura of romance and nostalgia .áHere interiors have the heart-warming authenticity of simple, natural textures, hand-hewn beams, bleached wood, weathered planks, woven blankets, cow-hide, and Navajo rugs. It's a style inspired by the honesty of homespun materials of the past wedded to a flair for the present. It's flower-sprigged brocade, tawny leather, crisp eyelet and soft linen, corduroy with crochet trims, woolen plaids, cozy flannel, and wispy organza. It's history retold and all about the enduring connection between people and places and the nostalgia we feel for a rural country life as embodied in Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Little House on the Prairie. - Stunning photography from a range of never-before-photographed locations. - This is a style that speaks of romance and nostalgia.

Page after page of beautiful inspiration~  

The Romantic Prairie Cookbook ~

A unique collection of recipes that are a true reflection of the traditional prairie way of life, where the flavorful, hearty dishes that appeared on the table featured ingredients picked only a few hours ago from the vegetable garden or gathered from the adjoining fields. The Romantic Prairie Cookbook champions environmental harmony and celebrates the land by using homegrown flavorful ingredients taken directly from fields to table, as was customary centuries ago when living off the land and home cooking were essential to survival. This time-honored tradition brings to the forefront the unique talents of a collection of artisanal qualities-from gardening to harvesting, baking, cheese making, preserving, pickling, and more. Author Fifi O'Neill has traveled from farm to farm, homestead to homestead, gathering together this unique collection of recipes that are a true reflection of the prairie way of life. These recipes, steeped in the modest but imaginative and hearty heritage of the prairie, showcase the home cooks' and artisans' passion and respect for creating healthy, tasty, and satisfying dishes. Here you will find recipes to suit all occasions, from picnics to enjoy in the height of summer to warming dishes to ward off winter chills, from springtime delights that celebrate the return of fresh produce to suggestions for making the most of an abundant autumnal harvest. There are recipes that have been handed down through the generations, and new twists on old classics. Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables or enjoy buying seasonal, local produce from farmers' markets and roadside stands, The Romantic Prairie Cookbook is sure to include recipes to inspire and dishes that will soon become your own family favorites.

Both books are available today at American Home & Garden
64 South Oak Street
Ventura. CA 93001

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Take a tour of American Home & Garden~(Ventura's BEST KEPT SECRET)

Sometimes you don't need any words~we all know the phrase a picture speaks a thousand words~Take a tour with me of my FAV store in Ventura~American Home & Garden (where the dealers shop)  So you know the rules..If you see something you GOTTA have~give us a RING!  805-648-6818 :)  HAPPY to take your calls and answer any questions..  (be sure to click on the pics to enlarge)
Update~The white bench and the chaise lounge SOLD

Update~the chicken feeder SOLD...but I stashed away another so we have one left!

Update This great industrial cart sold today...
Update this cute desk sold today!...Things go fast around here!

Even though we are not the big warehouse type vintage/antique shop...we can PACK this shop to the brim with AWESOME finds!  The regulars know...check back often...the inventory changes DAILY!  Hope you enjoyed the tour~
Have a lovely weekend..hope to see you soon

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American Home & Garden 
64 South Oak Street
Ventura, CA 90031