Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long Beach Flea Market This Sunday August 21st

Hi everyone,  just wanted to update the blog....and let everyone know that we will be at the Long Beach Flea Market this Sunday the 21st of August.  We are bringing a ton of stuff, more than any other flea market!  We purchased 3 booth spaces in the BLUE section!  The van and trailer are fully loaded with lots of never seen before merchandise! Charley and I are looking forward to seeing all are great customers...tell a friend .  If you have never been to the Long Beach Flea Market you are in for a real treat...I love this market.  Check out their web page here
Stop by and say hello!
Also I will be bringing the the new 6th Edition of the Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine!!!  

You will not want to miss this beautiful 6th edition.  My friend Lulu Tapp's home is featured on page 90-99.  You can visit Lu's blog here
Her blog is filled with more beautiful inspiration!  Have a wonderful week!  xoxok 


  1. Hey Kathee! I sure wish that I lived closer to you so that I could visit you at the market! I'm going to be a vendor for the first time at a local market here in Michigan. Do you have any tips on set up, styling, pricing, or anything else that you could give me? I'd appreciate any words of wisdom you have! :) Thank you - and have a great time at yours!

    xoxo laurie

  2. Hi Laurie, send me your email address to me! forty4caliber@yahoo.com

  3. Hi Kathee, its so good to hear from you! Boy I wish I could come see you at LB vets this weekend, its my favorite fleamarket, I was there last month and found some goodies. I would love to shop your booth! Have a great show, Christie

  4. Thank you Christie! I would love to finally meet you!! xokathee

  5. Hi Kathee...thank you for coming to visit! It was so nice to log on and see a new comment! I'm excited to have a new look.....Lu is such a blessing! Your blog is awesome, you are so multi-talented!! Hope to see you Sunday...xo

  6. Wow. What a beautiful blog! So much to oh-and-ah over!

  7. Was great to meet you at Long Beach on Sunday. I am still interested in the 3-shelf wire display rack that folds flat (for shipping).
    Do you still have it? Please email me at mypinkcottage@hotmail.com


  8. hi Cheryl, just emailed you! That rack sold, but I'm going on a buying trip in 2 weeks and will be on the lookout for you!!


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