Monday, March 26, 2012

SPRING has ARRIVED at American Home & Garden and The Agoura Antique Mart~

Spring has Arrived here at American Home & Garden and The Agoura Antique Mart~  today the new Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine will be in both stores.  I have a nice surprise for you also....something to scream about...jump for price of JDA has just been lowered to $13.95 per issue!  YEP that's right not a typeO the new price is $13.95.   I have prepared for this amazing price by adding more copies to each store, but when they are gone ....that is it...they are gone!  So hurry in and grab your copy.  JDA has decided to TEST this concept for one year and not charge us dealers here in the United States any shipping, therefore lowering the price.  Another big surprise is the magazine is now going to be offered monthly starting with this issue.  This is so exciting for us JDA die hards!  Here is a few pictures of the new issue....just for a tease...

The great people at JDA had this issue ready a little ahead of schedule, it wasn't due out to us until April 2nd...

Have a wonderful day folks and stay tuned for pictures from our first Vintage and Antique Show .................

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  1. cannot wait to get my copy. thanks for the sneak peek


    1. Thank you MC for the comment...and your new following! xok


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