Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~July Issue of Jeanne d' Arc is here~And the swapping of the Karen/Karyn's~!!

Wow it's been so busy already~ so much to tell you and show you~First let me tell you I received the new JDA Living Magazine and it will be at the Agoura Antique Mart today Tuesday and will be at  American Home & Garden Wednesday June 27th...Here are a few pictures to hold over you die hards~
Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine is the most sought after magazine in the United States.  This beautiful magazine is 100% advertisement FREE~!!  Limited quantities in each store.  

~Now for the swapping of the Karen/Karyn's~

This may get complicated so stay with me~ as you know from my previous post on Karen and Karyn we have two Karen/Karyn's at American Home & Garden....there is Store Karen and English Karyn..(we also have three Kathy's, but that is whole other post) anyway Store Karen and English Karyn decided to swap booth spaces yesterday!  So English Karyn moved up to the front of the store in Store Karen's old space and Store Karen moved back to English Karyn's old space....(are you still with me)?   This is so exciting for Store Karen because this is the space she was in 6 years ago!  English Karyn is elated because she has been wanting more space so she can bring in more of her amazing finds~so without any more jibber from me here are some pics from their new spaces! (click on the photos to enlarge) the first photos are from English Karyn's booth right as you walk in the store to the right~

~Now for Store Karen's new space~

Not to confuse you anymore~this last picture is of Store Karen's "other" space~!!

~Now for some pics from around the store~

Last Friday we re-did the entrance and this is how it looked~
until yesterday when that AMAZING metal glider SOLD!!

This great set of lockers SOLD!

WHEW~~!!  So that's all folks~  Hope you can see we've been so BUSY here at AM&G...Give us a ring if you see something you gotta have~ 805-648-6818...Better yet come visit us and see all the changes we've made this past week.  The weather in Ventura has been GORGEOUS~

American Home & Garden 
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Ventura, CA. 93001

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Have a  wonderful week~xok


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