Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~In the Blink of an EYE~!!

Omg~In the BLINK of an EYE~American Home & Garden changes~I had two of our favorite customers come in today and say "hey we need a new blog post" ...I explained that it has been crazy busy here and every time I go to post we have already SOLD the item!  So these are FRESH pictures..taken this afternoon!  So just to get you caught up~store Karen changed booth spaces again~ this time taking 2 spaces side by side~OMG ~she really knows how to put together an AMAZING space! 

Update that gorgeous ottoman~ SOLD!!
So much eye candy~  did I mention that this use to be Mary's space?  Well Mary moved across the isle where Karen used to be...
Mary's boutique has amazing soaps from France and beautiful vintage finds~  I love the open feel of her new space~
UPDATE~that cute pink bistro set just sold and so did the white dresser behind the tall yellow one on the right! 
Karen's old space (which really isn't that old) was taken over by Pame~more eye candy!
Karen's "other" new space (Pame's old space)  so now she has one HUGE space!!  I love her decorating style!
Lots of new merchandise has arrived at the store~let us know if you see anything you "gotta" have~give us a call and we will make sure it's yours!! 

Hope you are all enjoying this Summer~it's going by way too fast for me...can't believe I'm getting my fall booth plans in gear!  
OMG it changes in the BLINK of an EYE~!!

American Home & Garden is located at:
64 South Oak St.
Ventura, CA. 93001
(805) 648-6818

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Have a lovely week y'all!


  1. It all looks so amazingly gorgeous Kathee!!
    Summer has gone by so fast, I'm already getting my son ready for back to scho.
    Hope you have a lovely night.

    1. Melinda you are so right where did SUMMER go?? Thank you as always for your comments...I would love to meet you some day! xoxokathee

  2. Hi Kathee,
    Everything looks so beautiful. I'm sure a lot of what I saw yesterday was sold by the end of the day :). Speaking of sales, when is your next back yard flea market sale?

    1. Hey the next sale is going to be at the end of Sept/begin of Oct...Dates to follow...I will be doing a blog post about it!

  3. Sheer torture I say....I'm hopping on a plane right now!!:))

    1. I miss you Roberta~wish you would hop on a plane right now!! So sweet of you to comment~I tell you this is a shop you have to have on your MUST VISIT LIST!! Trust me ...a great place for PICKIN!!! xoxokathee

  4. Hey Kathee, everything looks great. I know what you mean about Fall on it's way. I just completed some Halloween goodies for my booth, and can't wait for Labor Day to be here and gone, so I can bring them in. Guy and I will be selling at the Ventura Sept.. 23rd flea market, so I'll see you soon.
    Keep up the good work!


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