Wednesday, January 16, 2013

American Home & Garden Welcomes Dena!!

American Home & Garden would like to welcome of our newest dealers!  She brings an industrial flair, with a touch of primitive and contemporary,  some ever loving cottage beachy stuff too!  Please join me in welcoming her!  Here is a taste of her booth space...and in only 5 days has almost completely sold her entire booth!!........
Dena's son Alexander is 10 years old, he loves the thrill of the hunt as much as Dena...this top shelf has all of his finds.  He loves vintage wagons, pogo sticks, scooters and signs!  I love the fact that he is up at the crack of dawn with his mom looking for and finding his own goodies to sell.  He has a great eye just like his mom!

The weather has been a bit chilly these past couple of weeks...BUT that has not stopped the American Home & Garden dealers from finding some amazing pieces!!!!  Here is more eye candy......

The store is usual...we always strive to deliver to our customers!  Let us know if you see something you LOVE and can't live without!!  Also if you are looking for something special..let us know...maybe we have it in our storage or can find it!  

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American Home & Garden is located at 
64 South Oak Street
Ventura, Ca. 
805 648-6818   


  1. I Love everything!!! How have you been lately? Hopefully well, my friend:-)


    1. nice to hear from you...just catching my breath..xoxok

    2. Wow- so many amazing items i see, Love the Cabinet/Hutch-happy to of found your blog- will absalutely go check out your pinterest page, if i havnt alreay - Next time were in LA visitng family, we will look you up..
      Karryann (happy new follower)

    3. Thanks so much for the comment Karryann...we would love to meet you!!! Be sure to introduce yourself!!! xok

  2. I haven't seen a post from you in a long time. I hoped you were out hunting for some great items for the store. It has bee too cold to venture out, but it is forecast for sunny this weekend and I hope to swing by to browse...okay, maybe buy.

    Happy New Year

  3. Happy New Year Carol!!! You are so cold but nothing EVER stops me from shopping for my booth space...LOL...Hope to see you soon. xok

  4. Coming by from Jennifer's. This new dealer has awesome taste and style and I LOVE how her 10 year old son is out working with her (what a great way to teach your child about earning their own money).


    1. You are so right Linda...and he is so respectful also! Thanks for hopping over and leaving me a comment! Have a lovely day! xok


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