Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer addition of Jeanne d' Arc

Good morning everyone...the sun is shining, the weather is perfect and we've been BUSY at American Home & Garden.  I'm so excited and can hardly wait to fill you in...but I can't say anything until next week!!!  :-0 ...sorry for the tease!! :)  We've made some really BIG changes is all I can tell you....

I will let you know that the June issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine will be arriving in the store today.  This is the Summer addition and it is packed with beautiful French/Nordic inspiration.  Here are a few sneak peaks.....

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Have a beautiful week~come back and visit next week so I can share my excitement!!!  


  1. I was in the shop today looking for a vintage door. The one I saw was way more than I want to spend. In your little section, I saw a green window and loved it. Before I buy it, I am curious if you have any vintage, chippy white windows. I love the green window, but it will be outside in the yard and the spot it will go will look better white since it is near the blue trim of the house. I think you have more than one location, so I am just checking.

    1. Hi Carol...I do have more...I will bring some into the store tomorrow!! July 8th...sorry for the late reply! xok

  2. Simply lovely, ejoyed visiting your blog.

  3. Hi Carol, i am so inspired by the beautiful rustic charm over here.
    Never disappointed when I stop by, I regret to say my visit are not often enough but, that's going to change :)

    See you soon and all your grace and beauty.


  4. Love the design ideas especially the bedroom! A bit off the topic but please do an inspiration board for the bedroom, with 1000 thread count flat sheet and all that jazz. I just recently moved to a new home and I'm super excited about decorating but I don't know where to start! Thank you!


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