Thursday, October 21, 2010

~More Three Speckled Hens~

One of best things about going to these antique shows and flea markets is meeting new friends!  Dustin, Charley and I met some new friends at   The Three Speckled Hens Show this past weekend.  First let me introduce you to our neighbors to the right of us.  Bob and Delia, were a blast to be next to!  We were laughing and telling stories all day! 

I loved this vintage laundry basket full of embroidered days of the week tea towels!  Delia collects and sells only the best!

Another great item in their booth was the vintage BABY BLOCKS!  Look how cute they were displayed in this French Bidet....and enamelware bowl....

Another great booth was directly across from us....Meet Terry, Danny and Don :)  We had so much fun with these three!  There was so much to look at in their booth!  Dustin and I would get there early in the morning and find most of the vendors in their booth....

Terry makes these beautiful music sheet wreaths....they were going like hot cakes!

The isles were narrow!  That is me in the grey sweatshirt and blue jeans,  standing out in the isle...because I had so much stuff in my booth..the customers would not have been able to get in!

Meet Karen!  She was on the other side of Terry, Danny and Don against the wall.  We all instantly became good friends.  Karen would always get there early in the morning and we would do our "rounds" going thru all the booths picking out what we wanted to buy or trade!! 

Karen had lots of GREAT industrial items in her booth!  Karen ended  up going home with a beautiful flower/bakery cart!  (sorry I didn't get a pic), but she had her eye on it every morning.  :)!!

This was a favorite with those "dear husbands"  Dustin thought he would take a break here!

Thanks (Carrie, Susi and Kathy) The Three Speckled Hens for hosting such a fun show!  We look forward to seeing you again in May! xoxokathee


  1. It looks like it was a great show and lot's of fun happening 'behind the scenes' as a vendor!

  2. Kathee, You are right, it was a blast! Thanks for posting about us, I don't think that has ever happened to me before.:) Also I want to thank you and Dustin for helping me out at different times during the show, especially during the rain. We were all like a family working together. I am now a follower of your blog. I have some questins about starting one of my own, if you have any words of advice for me that would be great. Thanks, Terry

  3. Thank you Lisa and Terry! Omg that was fun Terry! YOU'RE right "family" best describes us. We love helping others and we appreciated all your help as well! As for blogging?????? Dustin is the "brains" behind this blog...He set the whole thing up for me...all I have to do is plug in things...LOL! Ask your kids..they are on top of these things. If you have me and I will have Dustin answer. All I can say is once you get started you won't want to stop!! :) xogirl!

  4. You are one talented family, everything you touch turns into magic....a gift. xoxo

  5. Thank you Cheryl! I only wish....xoxokathee


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