Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whites in the Garden for White Wednesday @Faded Charm

Just last week it was 113 degrees here in Santa Rosa Valley. Last night it poured RAIN all night and it is in the low 60's. Everything looks so CRISP and FRESH and the air smells CLEAN. Here are some Whites in the Garden after a night of rain. All of my French Lavabo's are getting ready for Chrismas plants, White Cyclamen and Ivy!
All of my Iceberg Roses are still blooming and are always fresh looking. Please click on the link to visit Kathleen's Faded Charm "our" host of White Wednesday. Thank you Kathleen! kathleen's Faded Charm.

I love all the history and layers and layers of chippy paint!  I use these French Lavabo's  inside and out.  I especially love them under windows.

On the fence, on the walls,  under the windows, inside and out!

I bought this planter from one of my favorite dealers Cheryl at Cherylsfascinatingfinds I love the big cabbage roses adorning the sides!  As Cheryl pointed out..I have a PAIR of them...even more AMAZING..she is right!

An Ebay find!  I love to move this piece all around...even in the house!  I love pieces like these....harder and harder to find!

One of my Favorite CAST Iron Urns....Always pretty surrounded by ROSES, and filled with Lavender and Ivy.  Love that it is rusting so beautifully!
And last but not least..A great Rose Bowl find!  A pair!  All chippy and weathered!  I hope you enjoyed visiting my White Wednesday Garden......Now go visit Kathleen!  Have a HAPPY  Wednesday..:) xokathee


  1. J'adore your french white lavabo Kathee! I want one o' those too. Stopping by from WW.

  2. Your french lavabo is wonderful!!!

  3. Dear Kathee ~ LOVE all the photos on your blog! It's all beautiful! I'm your 'newest' follower. Hope you visit me sometime. Have a great day!

  4. I'm loving everything you've shared today. You have some great pieces.

    Take care,


  5. I LOVE your french lavabo's!! I have never seen anything like that around here. They are gorgeous!! Oh and I love your other goodies too. That cast iron piece is amazing!!
    Happy WW!!

  6. Thanks for the link Kathee, Didn't you get a pair of those planters from me. Glad your enjoying them. The lavabos are awesome.

  7. Cheryl that is what I said in the caption....I got them from you girl!!! My FAVS!!! I totally love these planters!!! xok

  8. All your stuff is so pretty, but I love old and chippy. Love the French Lavabo too.

  9. Hey Kathee ~ I never knew what those things were called until you mentioned lavabo. LUV IT!!!!! Where on earth did you find them? I guess I now have something to add to my wish list.....Oh, and you have inspired me to plant all white/green/pale green in my planters next summer! Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! I bought the French Lavabos from various flea markets and antique stores. I have 6 of them! I will be posting my Christmas/winter planters soon. I love all white with ivy and lavender...just that small hint of purple! Thank you again for visiting! xokathee

  11. Love the lavabo's Kathee and all the garden statuary too. You've got beautiful pieces, so many to cherish.
    I'm a little late, but making the rounds for WW. Happy night!


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