Friday, March 11, 2011

~More of my friend Aline's Flea Market Treasures from France~

I feel so blessed to have such a good friend in France.  I introduced you to Aline in a previous post hereWe have been friends for a very long time (although we have never met in person).  We keep in touch by emailing each other weekly.  We talk about France alot because someday I would love to move there.  We talk about her grandchildren and how they are growing.  We talk about her children and husband.  I especially love when we talk about the French flea markets, and every now and then she sends me beautiful pictures of her finds.  I was so thrilled to see her latest treasures and her pictures she sent yesterday.  Now isn't she special to think of me!!!  Thank you Aline.....and Thank you for letting me share these with my blog readers!  
I love to leave Aline's letter just the way she wrote it:  enjoy!  If you would like to visit Aline,  you can visit her Ebay site Bluecherry here.  She ships worldwide!  If you are a lover of French enamelware, you will be amazed at the beautiful pieces she has!  If you see anything you like you can contact Aline here: tell her you saw her on my blog!! 
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Past week-end in Avignon, Judea trees were blossoming in pink at the base of the antique walls of the citadelle.
Even the local hairdresser's petite 2 chevaux was pink rose and green !!!
We went back home with our Renault Espace brimming to the roof with divine shabby chic treasures.
Want to see them "en avant-première" ?
I found vintage 50's floral bedcovers, antique confit pots, a USA school map,
a beautiful hat suitcase, a pair of rose sconces, a gorgeous Art Deco cemetary vase,
a hemp grain sack and a cute cement curled cherub head !


  1. Beautiful photos; love the pretties you acquired!

  2. Oh, how I long to be flea marketing in France this spring! Paris is my most favorite city in the whole world! I love the treasures she found.

  3. just want everyone to know all of these items are for sale! I did not acquire them. Contact Aline direct to purchase anything you see! xokathee

  4. Hi Kathee ~ How lucky to have such a special relationship with such a wonderful person! The letter is so beautifully written and her found treasures are divine!


  6. Love the architecture. now give me that map. What a great find. Will it be in your booth?

  7. Hi Leslie, All of these Items are for sale thru Aline...She finds the best stuff!! Ebay site Bluecherry...or thru the email address above. Check it out! You will love her!!

  8. It is always refreshing to see that the things we love here in America are internationally loved as well, time worn Treasures to grace our Homes and decorate creatively with! Aline's 'scores' are fabulous... ah, to be able to do the Flea Market circuit in France would be divine!!! My Mom tells me many stories of going through the French Flea Markets in the 50's with me in tow... since I was a small child I had learned the language quickly and interpreted for my Mom... she said the French adored children and I always came away with some little Treasure given to me gratis by the sweet vendors. I still love to hear those cherished stories all these years later.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Aline... at the source... in FranceMarch 20, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    Hi over there !

    First I want to thank again and again my wonderful friend Kathee for all the kind words and what she did and is doing for me ! We all feel here in France that we have family in the US and that's Kathee's family...We shared so many things together that it could not be another way !

    Past week, I was lucky enough to buy a part of an elderly lady's enamelware collection. She is moving out towards the sun (on the Côte d'Azur... waow) and downsizing her enamelware collection. She's only holding her beautiful petite rose garland enamelled items including a hard-to-find lavabo/basin with a stunning delphin head shaped spigot. OMG ! I would so much have bought it for my own kitchen...

    So I have "new" old enamelware in red, yellow, floral, speckled, geometric...etc. More pictures and information at

    A bientôt les filles !

  10. Dear Kathee,

    It was a joy talking to you also. Please stay in contact. Lovely blog.


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