Friday, May 6, 2011

~Remnants of the Past~ The Vendor Dinner!

One of my most favorite parts of the Remnants of the Past Show is the Vendor Dinner!  :)  This is where we dealers get a chance to relax and share stories, drink some wine and eat some great food.  It is a long day, and when we are all finally finished setting up and staging our booths we are all invited to Judy Powers home for dinner in the garden!  Judy's  home is absolutely gorgeous and the garden is to die for!!  Here are some pictures of her garden and the dinner party....Enjoy!
 Victoria, Brad, Karen, Kathee, Marilyn, Colin, Judy, Lisa and Patty.  (Victoria, Karen and Marilyn from  A Beutiful Mess AntiquesJudy Watkins, Remnants of the Past. Kathee from The Agoura Antique Mart
 Judy, Tim, Lisa and Patty.  (Tim and Lisa from Blue Canoe Reloaded.
Kymberley,  and Geoff and their beautiful daughter (A Beautiful Mess and 3 Fine Grains
Two more of Kym and Geoff's daughters and Mom in the background!
Terry, Danny and Don from The Vintage Bricoleur
Kate, Peter and Andrew from All Things Beautiful in Time and Brothers of Industry
Johan, Trinidad and Martin from Atelier de Campagne Antiques and Judi Powers (in the blue checked shirt)
Bill and Kerry!
Charley, Dustin and Brad!
 What an outstanding group of talented dealers!  I'm honored to be part of this incredible show!!  I have included some of the dealers blog spots, so click on them and won't be disappointed! Stop by again...believe it or not there is still more pictures to come...xokathee


  1. Thank you Kathee! It was such a nice time and an outstanding show! Terry

  2. hey my friend! what a special time! thank you for sharing the photos...brought back such fun memories of the whole crazy, busy, fun, adventurous few days...aren't we the luckiest people ever to be a part of that? thank you too for including us in your photos!!! kate

  3. Fun photos! I'm still dreaming about your zinc bottle

  4. Thanks for the inside look. You were part of a very talented and nice group of people. This is a great industry to be in.

  5. Hi Sweet Kathee,
    So nice to see you at the flea today! What a lovely group of dealers, thanks for sharing .. looks like tons of fun!



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