Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Dealer~and Galvanized Heaven~

Hi everyone~
The weather here in Southern California has been so beautiful these past few weeks, in the mid to upper 80s!  It has made for some great flea-ing and shopping.  
My friend Karyn who I have posted about here  has just opened up a beautiful booth at American Home & Garden in Ventura.  I will have to say her amazing finds are jaw dropping!  I can't wait to share some pictures of her booth.
 She brings this amazing European flair with an incredible eye for great patina.  Is that clock just to die for?  Look at the urn, the columns, and that bench!  sigh~

More urns, French enamelware, French plant stands, iron sconces European dough bowl on a stand!  I call her the queen of lighting~because she always finds such beautiful lighting pieces! 

Primitive cabinets, linen aprons, iron and metal pieces~oh you have just got to come and see for yourself~she has so many amazing pieces!  

 I love these European vintage bread boards she brought in yesterday, two different shapes round and rectangular.  Great for parties with cheese and grapes.

Do you like GALVANIZED pieces as much as I do?  Well feast your eyes~  I call it Galvanized Heaven! :)

 ~Eye Candy~  I kid you not~  European bath tubs, chicken feeders, old market cart, lanterns, buckets and baskets, French bottle baskets you name it we've got it!!

another view~

Aww~ baby bath tubs, lavabos (French wall sinks),  French buckets in every size, body pitchers, sprinkler cans, even an antique postal box.

Have I got you salivating yet? ~ I told you Galvanized Heaven...and there's still more!~loving that mail box!! 

and more~

Loving these two very vintage iron umbrellas also~ 
So I'm so glad you stopped by today~

Come to American Home & Garden in Ventura, CA. ~(Where the dealers shop) you won't be disappointed!  
I'm so happy and proud to be a part of such an amazing shop and group of dealers~
If you see anything in the pictures you like...shoot me an email at forty4caliber@yahoo.com and we can arrange for you to have it! :)

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I have just joined Pinterest~and I have a pin board My Booth Space at American Home & Garden~please follow me.  I post pictures of new arrivals and pieces we have in the store daily~ :) Here is the link

I have linked up to Kathleen's Faded Charm for White Wednesday tomorrow (because galvanized is the new white) lol...:)
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  1. Hi Kathee:

    Love all of the items....I am now looking for a wire basket tall enough to place near fireplace so I can place my driftwood in. Do you have such a thing?

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for checking out the blog today~ I have so many wire/metal baskets, I don't know if it would be cost effective to ship to you thou?? You will need one with some weight to it ...Let me know I can always email you some pics!
      Have a great week girl!!

  2. I really rally want a lavabo!! How much are yours?????/Thanks Rhonda

    1. Hi Rhonda, thanks for visiting today..the lavabos vary in price by how ornate they are and color/patina. These beauties start at 165$ and go to 295$. We have some gorgeous ones in stock including, Ornate, RARE half size and some beautiful colored ones! Let me know if you would be interested...or just come in and visit if you are close enough.
      hugs, kathee

  3. Yes Kathee ... here I sit at my desk, with my mouth open and tongue wagging! Darn it, I just live way too far away to stop in and do some shopping but thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics!

    1. Lisa...Oh how I wish you lived closer too...we have so much in common....we could get in some real trouble girl!!

  4. OMG!! WOW!
    That's some amazing stuff...love all of it! Tell Karyn she has an amazing eye for merch and display. Does she have a business name that she goes by? Say hello for me and hope she can come up with you for the Home & Garden show. I'm sure you'll both find a "truck load" of stuff to take back with you!

    P.S. Kathee, don't let "alittle" snow change your mind about moving here!

    Hugs, Joyce

    1. Hey girlfriend! thanks so much for visiting my blog..I will tell Karyn your thoughts. She will be so happy that you left her this message. She has a business name, but doesn't have a blog or really use it unless she does a show. :( I hope she is coming with me...we are planning on it!!

      Oh and "a little" snow ???? LOL!
      sending hugs and a warm blanket...it will be back up in the mid to upper 80's by tomorrow! :)!!
      I will be thinking of you!!!

  5. Hey girl,
    Should have known that the two of you would work your magic on that space. What an amazing transformation from the "work in progress" when I saw it. As always, your space makes me drool.

    1. thank you Nicki! I always appreciate your comments! xoxok

  6. Hi Kathee!

    So great seeing your space again in person the other day. The layers in your displays are breathtaking! Keep inspiring!


  7. Well hello Kathee...

    Just when I thought it was safe to go into the shop... Karen brings in all these wonderful must-haves.... speaking of which, before I could be the worst person and buy it instead of college app. fees (lol) that amazing clock has sold today. Sigh.

    1. Oh how awesome I loved that clock!! YAY!!!

  8. Oh such beautiful treasures. Love those umbrellas they are so precious. Thank you ever so much for sharing. This is my first visit to your special space, I will follow on my way out as I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you,I hope you will find the some time to come visit me some time. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

    1. Hi Special K....love your blog and and visited and became your newest follower! LOVE the blog world!!..
      Update on the umbrellas ...the little white one SOLD within minutes of posting!...Thank you for supporting my blog...I really appreciate you!! Thank you so much!! xoxokathee


~Thank you for visiting today~I appreciate all of your comments and read each one~Have a beautiful day!~