Friday, February 24, 2012

~Jeanne d' Acr Living Magazine 2nd Issue is Arriving Today~

Hello, the second edition of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine will be in my booth space at American Home & Garden and also at The Agoura Antique Mart today~YAY~  I'm not sure if everyone is aware, Jeanne d' Arc has decided, by request from the readers, to publish the magazine each month!  This will start with the next issue, thus there will be 11 issues this year.  The next issue comes out on April 2. 2012.  This is so exciting more inspiration for us!!   Here are a few pictures from this months issue.
I've been buying this magazine since it started......back before it was written in English, I have to say I think this one will be one of my Favorites!  My friend Debra has her home featured, and what a beautiful home it is!   There is a whole section dedicated to French vintage items including, dress forms, millinery, haberdashery...oh so much is packed in this months issue.   Just to remind everyone also the magazine is advertisement FREE!  Which I love!

Come visit American Home & Garden in Ventura or The Agoura Antique Mart to pick up a copy.  I only purchase a limited supply and when they are gone~they are gone!  

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  1. I just ordered it and I can't wait to see Debra's gorgeous home!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

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